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Don’t SOS

Hey this site is now closed! Sorry! if you still want CP advice go to he’s one of the best ones I’ve been to other than who quit but is doing different blogging like me but I’m not going to tell you where I am…

-Happy Trails!

Mr Squeakens

P.S. CP Missions will still be open.


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Boat Hunt!

Start by clicking the paper boat in the upper right corner.

The first section of the blue prints (or boats) is near the Mine entrance. In the water spout box.


The second paper boat is at the Cove past the swimming rope in the right corner.

The third paper boat is at the Coffee Shop. It is located in the green pot (which is now filled with water?!) that’s on the counter

The fourth paper boat is at the Beach. It is hidden in the rocks click it twice to get it.

The fifth paper boat is at the Pool. It is floating by the window.

The sixth paper boat is at the Pet Shop. It is in the green, puffle water dish.

The seventh paper boat is at the Dock. It is floating beside the dock. Did I mention the Dock!?! click this one twice too!

The last paper boat is located at the Iceberg. It is floating right next to Aqua Grabber.

The finished puzzle pieces!

You will get a message from Rory. Click Claim Prize.

 You did it  ~Mr Squeakens

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CP Olympic Games!

Just like the Beijing *spell checks* Olympics starting 8.8.08 Tomorrow, CP will be holding it’s first Olympic Games on August 22-26! I wonder how it will work?

Rory and Rookie’ (much like ESPN’s Mike and Mike show) will be the commentators.

Some of you know that Rockhopper (the CP pirate) had an ‘accident’, he ran into an ice burg 🙄  Rockhopper had made plans for a new boat! Little did he know that we had rebuild the Migrator, his ship. So he decided to let us have boat igloos! Rory one of the commentators lost the plans, so tomorrow I get to tell you how to find the pieces of the blue-prints.

Team Blue Rally-Two! The first sequel to a play in Club Penguin starts tomorrow. Pick a team to go for because this is Blues’ biggest rival!

And lastly Rockhopper is expected to arrive tomorrow.

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Banana Bana Wednesdays! + Aqua Grabber

Aqua Grabber!

Level 1 – Clam Waters

Collect Pearls from Clams while they’re asleep. Black pearls are worth more.

  A white pearl there’s only one black pearl.

Use the pockets of air, bubbles from your ship, and the large bubbles out of the ground.

Once you have all the pearls, go to the bottom (through the narrow passage down) the right floor and pick up the rock.

Go to the giant oyster. Drop the rock in away from the pearl. (You might pick up the rock again Like me 😛 ) Now pick up the giant pearl and bring it to the surface to win the level.

 Me bringing up the big prize!

Level 2 -Soda Seas! By legoless @ I suck at it 😛

First you need to help bring the plants back to life by collecting the cream soda barrels. Every barrel you collect makes the water more clear, thus unlocking new passageways as the plants revive themselves.

Then you can go down for the big prize. It’s a big hunk of amethyst. First follow the big bubble down to the ocean floor. Then follow the little trail, collecting bubbles as you go. (Notice the rock where the bubbles come out at the end of the tunnel.)

Now go down into the big cavern with loads of puffer fish. Go to the right (avoiding the puffer fish). Use the air pocket before you go into the next cavern.

Continue to your right & go clockwize around the freaky puffer fish (Watch out for the little ones coming behind you.) When you reach the bottom of the cavern, go down into the next. Use the air pocket quick or your aqua grabber will brake. Then grab the amethyst and go back to the puffer fish. Luckily the little ones have gone. Then use the air pocket again, and go back to the little puffer fish near the exit. Make your way back up the tunnel (make sure to use the giant bubble on your way up, even if you do have your pink puffle with you).

When you reach the top, follow the bubble trail back up (so you won’t run out of air) & watch out for Fluffy! You will safely make it back to the top and recieve…. 250 coins, I think.

You can also get a worm in the cavern where you pick up the final cream soda barrel. Just go really fast towards the air pocket. When you back off the roof a worm will fall down. Pick it up. After that I don’t know what you’re ment to do. I think you have to catch Fluffy with it, then catch the mullet (in the cavern where you get the fourth cream soda barrel). Maybe you can bring him back up to the net? Then continue down the passage he was gaurding. I think that’s were the rare emerald gem stone is.


I’ll post every Wednesday about the plant I have! Check it out here! CLICK

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To Sydney511

Hi Sydney!

I know you’ve been wondering what’s taking so long for you to get your iPenguin. Me to! 😛 My E-mail will NOT let me send stuff says most email addresses don’t exist. *sigh* Well anyway here’s what you ordered and I hope you enjoy it! (Sorry for making it public)

➡   View Full Size Image

Want an iPenguin CLICK HERE TO ORDER! :mrgreen:

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Mini Update

Banana is Alive!

I’m excited and it’s rapidly growing! Check it out on the Banana Page!

SimCity 4 Deluxe

I’ve been playing SimCity 4 Deluxe for a while so you might not see me on Club Penguin. It’s addicting.. 😛

-Mr Squeakens

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Friday/Thursday Stuff

The pin –> –> –>

Rockhopper is Coming! Check out the telescope at the Beacon.

Here’s the secrets to the Clothing Catalog:

 —  —  —

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Meet the PB! (NOT Peanut Butter!)

I got a letter saying you can meet the Penguin Band but I swear it’s harder than trying to find Rockhopper. They give you a background like Rockhopper. But its a picture of them and each band member has signed it. If only I could get it! I would tell you if I saw them. I would show you what they look like so you can keep your eye out for them. NOTE: It’s only for members (now) you have to meet them backstage.

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