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I’d like to thank my new contributor Palmtree for this post but not pictures :mrgreen:

Sneak peak of the new party! My guess is each room will be a different kind of music: Forest-County Dock- Rock, etc.. That sort of thing.

Club Penguin DS should be released November 4th According to And another new Game CP announced! DJ something… Yeah in the Dance club games are just every where! Almost every Room!

Secrets of the Igloo Catalog!




New Server Selection – you have to put in all your information because your saved data for log-in was  erased.  And when you log in with an already saved penguin, the penguin’s clothes fade in (nice touch). Server selection, it groups your Suggested Servers by which you go on most and the ones your buddies are on. CP also changed it so that all the servers are grouped alphabetically. Which is confusing for me… 🙂

Penguin Mail – It’s located on the upper left of the screen when you log in. Penguin Mail allows you to save, delete, or reply to postcards sent to you. You can also send postcards to your friends even if they’re not online. The envelope on the top left also displays a number for the amount of unread postcards. If the envelope has a smiley face, it’s a buddy request. I keep thinking it’s mail and and clicking on it!  You also get a free Blue messenger bag!

As seen in your inventory–> 

Player card Sort – CP made it so that all your items are now in one tab. It seems to me that my clothes take a moment to pop-up…

Igloo Background – The igloo is given a  forest background rather than the boring white one. even members  The forest goes away in the edit mode It’s a Magic Forest!!

Member Igloos Map – When you click on the Members Igloos on the Map, it expands to the map below. Displaying all the igloos available and their owners’ names when you hover your mouse over one. There is probably a maximum number of igloos per server now though. CP has also announced they will make it so you can view the members igloos in a list too if you want to.

Spy phone – If you’re a secret agent you can now find your spy phone in the bottom left corner of your screen instead of on your player card. Thank goodness. You can teleport, play with the Tools, and Visit the HQ. It makes it a tad crowded though on the screen with news, spy phone, envelope and moderator.


Buddy Log-In – If a buddy logs into the server you’re in when you’re in Club Penguin, you can actually see who it is that’s online. So you can hop off if you don’t like em’ 😉

Puffle Mail – It looks like your Puffle can send you mail too. They’ll send you a postcard if they are hungry or tired

Puffle Stats – You can’t see what other peoples puffles food water and energy levels.

Finding a Buddy – The ‘Find Buddy’ button on your buddy’s player card has changed to ‘?’

Talking – If someones talking behind you (usually in crowded servers) their words won’t show up. Teaches you not to talk while other people are talking 😆

Unlimited friends – You no longer only have to have 1-100 buddies now you may have as many of them as you want!!!

Ski Hill – The Mountain is now called Ski Hill when you hover your cursor over it on the Map.

Full rooms – Rooms do not get full as easily as they used to. Ohh and they used too!


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Presto Change-O Music!

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