Mission 8 Predictions…

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Scroll to the bottom half of the post to see the predictions

Newspaper: The pictures on B5 and B6 look like clothes, furniture, Rockhopper, Aqua Grabber update, Instruments are back, old play returning, postcard stuff, and Red vs. Blue party?

I found the secret message in the paper as well. Make all the puffles red, then the letter appears. Turns out Klutzy the crab was at the party.

*Hey, here are my guesses on Mission 8. Guesses not facts…*

Guess: I think it’ll be on Monday.
Why? The team is nearly finished the new secret agent mission–and believe me you don’t want to miss its release early next week! I can’t say a lot more about it, and there will be more info coming to agents very soon. – CP Blog
Guess: We Might catch Herbert.
Why? There’s 8 missions we should be very close. And CP wants many agents to do this one! <- See they want us to train the newer penguins. Like a big finale
Guess/ Hope 😛 The last Mission
Why? Running out of page space on CP Missions 🙂
Guess: It will be the hardest. ( But not with my guide 😀 )
Why?  The mission site alone has over 20,000 views! Oh yeah, you want to know why I think it will be the hardest, I knew that… Well, isn’t the last thing always the hardest. Like in video-games ( trying to think of a female equivalent… Idk at the moment but anyway..) It’s the hardest and you scream at the TV and throw your Wii-remote across the room and your sister nags on you for not getting it!! *panting* To much of me huh? I’ve got pool water in my brain… you get the idea.
– Mr Squeakens

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