Tis’ the Medieval Party!

May 16, 2008 at 5:49 pm Leave a comment

I’m-th to get-tih on your nerves today-ith! Tis’ Sir Squeakens to report back to you in midevil talk-ith-ness. Geeze that takes too long to type!!  I’ll try that some other time…

ANYWAY, the party is here with cool interactions, a new room only for party’s and a really strange dragon!

The Switchbox 3000 is being used for the Dragon’s animations. Which is why it’s not in the play.

The cove has a mini ‘The Twelfth Fish’ set up with the script.

The Free item is at the Dock

Kinda’ reminds me of a flag. :mrgreen:

The party room is accessible from the bottom of the trees in the forest. It’s cool because they are going to reuse it over and over for parties. Club Penguin’s part to reduce Global Warming! Phhff 🙄

The interactions I mentioned is when you throw snowballs at the targets in the old Ice Rink. They “jolt back as if you were hitting them but it only works with a snowball!

Guess that’s it for now… I just want to know why were celebrating medieval times! From what I’ve learned in Social Studies (which isn’t much 😀 ) it was a horrible time. Death, wars, no computers 🙂 but it truly was “evil”. And I swear one of the parts in the song sounds like the Music as you walk into EPCOT, sorry side-not there.

 – Mr Squeakens


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End Of Grade New Games!

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